We have just launched our new Google Analytics reporting system. This system allows you to track almost all of your visitors in Google Analytics (GA), assuming your Google Analytics is correctly installed on your site.

Once you have enabled Google Analytics tracking you will instantly start to see our visitors in your Google Analytics account as they visit your site in real-time.

Don't yet have Google Analytics installed? You can learn how to install Google Analytics here, or hire an expert to get it installed quickly.

How Google Analytics Tracking works

After you enable Google Analytics tracking, our system scans your website for your Google Analytics code and obtains the Google Analytics Tracking ID from your webpages HTML. If you have multiple Tracking ID's installed on your page, the first one is used.

Then whenever we receive a visitor that matches the targeting you choose we first send them to our tracking page which counts the visitor in our dashboard, and at the same time, we send the visitors details to your Google Analytics account to count as a page view. The visitor is then forwarded to your website.

Having the extra step of sending the pageview to your Google Analytics does slightly slow down the forwarding process, but generally, it only takes a few milliseconds and is not noticeable by the visitor. So for most cases, the slight decrease in overall website loading speed is worth the extra tracking accuracy.

How to turn on Google Analytics Tracking

There are two ways you can enable GA tracking.

Enable tracking on the signup form

The easiest way to enable GA tracking is by selecting "Track your visitors in Google Analytics" on our sign up form.

Enabling tracking in the dashboard

  • Log into the dashboard

  • Click on Details next to any of your subscriptions

  • Click on Change URL

  • Tick "Track visitors in Google Analytics"

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