The tracking we provide in our dashboard is verified visitors sent to your site. The way we do this is by sending traffic to a unique internal URL that tracks each individual visitor and then forwards them to your site. This way we can track the referrer, location, and IP of each visitor sent to your website. But this does not guarantee that the visitor stays on your page long enough for it to load or fire tracking codes.

To find track your visitors in our dashboard just visit:

Then find the Subscription you would like to update, and click on Details

You will then be taken to your Subscription page. Scroll down to the bottom to find your subscription tracking.

You can also click on the Referrers button or Countries button to change the panel on the right.

Countries - Shows which countries your visitors came from.

Referrers - Shows which websites forwarded visitors to yours.

You can also track visitors using Google Analytics, here is a guide on how to track visitors in Google Analytics.

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