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Where our traffic comes from
Where our traffic comes from

A list of our three main traffic sources with examples

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There are three main sources for our website traffic, this list is always changing as we constantly get more websites in our network.

Link Shorteners

We work with link shorteners to get traffic from shortened URLs that are no longer active. An example is

Monetized Sites

Some websites also provide us with some of their traffic as a monetization method. Here are some we receive visitors from:

Parked Domains

We have a large network of parked domains that are constantly receiving visitors. If you visit one of the parked domains you will either be forwarded to one of our client's sites, or you will see a message saying "no promotions available". If you see this message it's because we have many more visitors than we have clients websites to send them to. Here are some of the parked domains we work with:

We are constantly adding and removing websites to our network so some of the above sites may not work after this was published.

We do not perform any SEO or link building for your website.

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